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Move to PC and SCADA now and double your ROI.

“Stop band-aiding your automation!”

Brian’s Take

Why are we still buying expensive HMIs?

Automation is stuck in the past, and you’re paying anywhere from $2,000 to $8,000 or more for a display that is small and often not even 1080P resolution. These dedicated displays do not interface easily with all devices from all vendors, so why continue to invest in them?

A PLC should always have control, but the PC should do the operator interfacing and data acquisition. Yet, almost all factories that I have been in recently have obsolete PLCs and HMIs. Now is the time to move to PC and SCADA because you are already being driven to the world of connectivity and data. Use your capital expenditure revenue to upgrade your obsolete systems to solutions that are data ready for the future, and you will get a double return on your investment. Trust me. You’ll have to rewrite your software anyway if you are running on an obsolete PLC, and you’ve had 15 years of maintenance and subcontractors band-aiding that software because a manager was hovering over them tapping a foot saying over and over, “We need this line up now!” As a system integrator, you do what you must to keep things moving, and then you say to yourself, “I will fix this later.” Later never seems to arrive. Now is the time to upgrade correctly, and options are available to do that on a budget with minimal downtime. Contact me and I’ll show you how.

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