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Start forward investing in automation and data.

“Your oldest machine can outperform the newest machines on the market.”

Brian’s Take

If your manufacturing plant’s controls are current, supported technology, ethernet IP connected, maintained on a schedule, and rarely break down, then you have my utmost admiration.

The fact is, if you take your oldest machine and upgrade the controls correctly, it can outperform and outlast new machines that are on the market. Manufacturing execution systems (MES) track materials and processes throughout the plant, but MES is shortsighted. Manufacturing operational management (MOM) software takes the long view. It goes beyond tracking materials and processes and includes predictive maintenance, quality, and inventory. To optimize these capabilities, you need a standardized global company control foundation to achieve efficiency with data.

All of the software programs that are bombarding you require you to have good data presented to the package in a specific format. If you have spaghetti control systems that string all over the plant on different communications platforms, you will lose this battle every day because bad data is worse than no data. Edge computing (processing data closed loop at the site of use) is necessary if you need high speed. Going to the cloud and back is not efficient. What just happened to the East Coast Oil supply? Do you want this possibility for your plant?

Please be wise and upgrade old controls with global, standardized, future-focused, safe control systems that will give you 30 or more years of stress free, efficient, increased revenue as a return on your investment. And please, find a controls platform that is also fun to work with. You need something to show for the investment of your hard-earned capital expenditure projects. Contact me and I’ll show you how to make that happen.

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